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Growing up in a small town in Romania in the 90s was not the ideal place to find clothes if you wanted to set yourself apart from your peers. It all changed when my auntie first took me to a second-hand store when I was a kid. Unfortunately buying second-hand garments had a lot of bad stigmas back then.

I started to develop a passion for finding unique and qualitative pieces at thrift stores. Nothing compared with the joy of coming back home with a bag full of treasures. 

Moving to London and working in the fashion industry for 5 years inspired me to go visit flea markets and absorb the local surroundings, especially Hackney. Nowadays, my travellings revolve around thrifting, searching for flea markets along the way.

I decided to put our passion into opening an online store offering curated vintage clothes with a minimalist touch and one-of-a-kind pieces. Classic pieces that you can wear all the time and integrate easily into your wardrobe. Think suits, masculine blazers, silk blouses, wool/cashmere coats and so on. 

Crave Vintage promotes circular fashion and hopes to inspire others to make more sustainable choices.

We hope you will like our selection and look forward to getting to know you better, our conscious fashionista.

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